A place where artists and building owners can connect

and beautify Portsmouth, one canvas at a time

How It Works

A Canvas Is Found

First the building owner finds a wall or other area (inside or outside) that they want to use as a canvas. They determine budget range, dimensions, timeframe and post to StreetCanvas as a public art job.

Ideas Are Submitted

Artists submit their experience, past work, and ideas. Ideas can be submitted as rough sketches, mock-ups, or just written thoughts. They also quote a price.

Selection Is Made

The building owner selects their favorite submission and contacts the artist directly to start the work. Agreements are made between the building owner and the artist.

Latest Canvases

Placemaking in Portsmouth NH

This site was made possible by the funds raised via the “A Tiny Bit Huge” campaign. A Tiny Bit Huge describes the amazing variety of arts and culture we have in this little city and serves as a rallying cry for our community members to think bigger than our boundaries and to work cooperatively.

To meet the community, find the latest cultural events, purchase merchandise, and learn more visit our website.


Agreements are solely between the artist and the building owners. ArtSpeak serves strictly as the provider of a platform for initial communication and makes no warranties or guarantees to either party, and is not responsible for disputes between the parties.

All ordinances and laws must be followed, in particular, but not limited to the area of signage. Artwork is considered a sign if they are used to identify or advertise any place, business, product, activity (regardless of whether they use text or graphics). You can read the full ordinance here. Even though understanding and obtaining any necessary permits and approvals are the sole responsibility of the building owner and artist, Art-Speak is here to help if you have any questions.

Art-Speak has built this tool as a free service to the city of Portsmouth and does not charge either party for the use of this site. This site is for private property owners only. If you are interested in creating a piece of art on city owned property, please fill out the public art form.